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When I was growing up, my Grandmother – an incredible, strong lady called, Barbara – would take me to her allotment to show me all of the wonderful vegetables she had grown. I’ll never forget the smells and tastes of the beautiful vegetables she grew…whole, organic, nutrient-rich foods, which became and remain an essential part of my diet. Fast-forward a few years and I discovered CBD whilst studying for my finals at university when a friend recommended it to tackle stress-induced insomnia I was experiencing.

This was a welcome alternative to the sleeping pills my doctor prescribed me. After just three days of taking CBD, I could sleep again and felt much calmer and in control throughout the day too. I had to share this discovery with my Grandmother, who suffers from the discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as my mother who is affected by chronic hormonal imbalance. It helped to transform the quality of both their lives, just as it had mine. It became my mission to learn more about the hemp plant and the positive impact it has on the human body, and through LOTS of research, I discovered that it is possible to create a CBD product just like my Grandmother’s organic produce.

Using just two ingredients – hemp and extra virgin olive oil – we cold press the hemp plant to produce a true full spectrum organic CBD, avoiding the use of solvents and heavy processing; resulting in amazing and natural CBD-rich products.

We can’t wait for you to feel the effects of our CBD.

Welcome to The Good Level family.
Jonny Alberto, Founder

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We are here to heal.

Helping others is at the forefront of everything we do.

Whether you are looking to manage life’s daily stress, trying to get a better nights sleep, or needing help manage pain… We want to help you.

We do that by nurturing the hemp plant and creating the most natural range of CBD products to help support you.

For those who care

If you are someone that cares about what you put in your body, then cold pressing hemp is for you, because we have a process light, solvent free and natural way of easing our cannabinoids out of our hemp plants.

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Made with Love

All of our range is made here in the UK.

In our lab, we take our two ingredients, hemp and extra virgin olive oil, press them together and are left with an oil with all the goodness from the hemp plant.

Like freshly squeezed orange juice…

It really is as simple and process-light as that.

A Traditional Approach

Healers have been cold pressing hemp for thousands of years. 

We have simply modernised that approach.

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There is no one size fits all model which is why we provide simple, easy to understand CBD products that you can tailor to your own specific requirements. We avoid the usual cliches and focus on the quality of the product, something we really can guarantee every step of the way.