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Hi, we're
Joe and Jonny

co-founders of The Good Level

Two regular guys that have been exactly where you are right now; searching for pure, effective and consistent CBD to benefit our lifestyle’s.

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We found it incredibly difficult, on our search for the right oil, to find something that ticked all our boxes. There are so many options available, with varying quality, so we decided to find a product that does everything a good CBD oil is supposed to. Now, we’re bringing that product directly to you.

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Originally, we did this for our own benefit. We found a trusted supplier of an oil that supported our daily wellbeing. However, as we fell in love with these oils by seeing first-hand how they were benefiting us and our families, we decided that it was our mission to bring these products directly to you.


The Good Level

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In January 2016, I found myself sifting through a journal article discussing the medicinal applications for CBD in infantile epilepsy. Bizarrely, I was sent that way thanks to the advice from several of my favourites comics, based in the West of the US, following their positive experiences with CBD.

At the time I had recurring pains in my left knee following a double act of abuse from football and skiing injuries. I didn’t want over-the-counter painkillers. I wanted a natural alternative. So, knowing that comics who shout on stage trying to make people they’ve never met or like laugh for a living shouldn’t be the source of my medical advice, I had to find science articles with data I could trust. Fast forward several papers and when I came across a newly FDA (and later NHS in 2018) approved drug for treating severe infantile epilepsy, with no registered side effects, I was convinced CBD could be my natural alternative. A week later I ordered my first 10ml bottle. A few months after that, Jonny and I started planning on how we can improve on what we’ve found, and bring the benefits we were experiencing to our closest family and friends.


Having stumbled across CBD three years ago, and after hearing the seemingly endless list of potential benefits, I was optimistic that it could help me with my recovery from an active lifestyle. I tried several products from high-street and online brands… and experienced a mixed bag of results.

This was frustrating. For such an expensive product, you want a reliable one, right? Joe and I both had enough with inconsistent results with other brands of CBD, so we decided to do our own research. That eventually led us to found our own company.
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The Problem

During our research, we talked to farmers in India, Canada, and Switzerland. We spotted a few characteristics that all CBD brands seemed to share: Imported hemp and subpar extraction techniques.

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The majority of CBD you buy in the UK is imported from overseas. This is down to the high-yielding, industrial scale cannabinoid harvests from North America and China that provide swathes of crop, at a cost far lower than what British farmers can compete with. However, we learned and understood that while industrial farming will save you money, it comes at a cost to consistency and quality. We weren’t prepared to compromise on delivering a quality product. And we never will be.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Process

We don’t rely on the farming and extraction methods by growers that we have never met and farms that we have never seen. We have an extremely close relationship with a farmer in Somerset, meaning we know exactly how our Hemp is produced, from start to finish.

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His growing and extraction processes meant that we could rely on a product that had the best chance for supporting our well being. Soon our family and friends saw the benefits of adhering to such a high quality process, and now we hope you can too.

Our Community

We’ve set up a place where we share stories, talk about the latest research, publish articles, and more. We cover all the CBD bases so you can make an empowered, informed choice for your body and mind.
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Easy to Follow

Dosage Table

There is no one size fits all model which is why we provide simple, easy to understand CBD products that you can tailor to your own specific requirements. We avoid the usual cliches and focus on the quality of the product, something we really can guarantee every step of the way.