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Why Buy Cold Pressed CBD Oil?

Are you looking for an organic, unprocessed and natural solution to support your physical and mental wellbeing?

Cold pressing cbd oil involves the use of pressure and time to ‘press’ the natural oils from hemp.

Cold pressing is a method used in the production of vegetable and plant oils, typically olive oil. During this process of using a press to gather the juice from fruits and vegetables, there’s minimal to no heating involved because the aim of cold pressing is very much about maintaining all the nutrients and properties that are beneficial to our health. Cold pressed CBD means you get a similar balance of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids – all with just as much potency as they were originally intended to have.

We care about what we put into our bodies which is why we we cold press all the goodness from the hemp plant to create high quality natural CBD products. Our products include over 100 cannabinoids (like CBD), as well as all the natural terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids too.


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Why Our Products?

We are proud to sell a true full-spectrum product.

We’re in a fortunate position where we have access to multiple UK & EU farms that enable us to cultivate a wide variety of strains. We pick and choose our final blend to create the very best cold pressed oils we can.

Our farming is pesticide free, organic, and the fields we use are dedicated only to growing hemp.

Our harvesting is performed by hand and we use a natural drying process before cold pressing into our signature range. This allows us to capture the true spectrum of cannabinoids in the hemp plant without compromising the beneficial plant compounds.

We use no heat or chemicals in order to create a true reflection of the plant. All the natural components of the plant are protected within a cold press, creating a truly natural product.

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How does CBD work?

Our body has an internal system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Naturally, we produce cannabinoids that help support this system. The ECS contains a network of receptors that are spread throughout the body. Some of these receptors serve to regulate physiological processes such as sleep and memory; whereas the other receptors regulate immune responses such as inflammatory reactions and pain perception.
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Why Full Spectrum Oils?

Full spectrum oils contain CBD and other cannabinoids, derived from the hemp plant, that can benefit your body too. Compared to the other oils you can most commonly buy (isolates and broad-spectrum), full spectrum oils contain the greatest number of cannabinoids. This means they can deliver the full effects of the “entourage effect”, subsequently increasing the beneficial properties of your oil. This is as a result of cannabinoids working in unison to strengthen the beneficial properties of CBD.
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The Good Level are an absolute revelation! I am so very pleased I have found them, I still can’t believe my luck after having tried so many useless products. The oils are wonderfully effective, safe and mild in flavour, very calming and inducing restful sleep. The ointment is fantastic, my shoulder pain responded immediately. It all REALLY works! I feel I have arrived. Their website is brilliant, too, full of important facts, explanations, and accessible knowledge. It shows dedication, knowledge, research and a highly intelligent approach, which is delightfully reassuring.

Silvia H