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CBD Dosages: What To Take

For many people keen to use CBD oil for the first time, one of the main questions asked is “How do I work out how much I should take?”. The amount of CBD you will need to take to get the desired effects varies from person to person, with the concentration of CBD in a product, your body weight, the type of ailment you’re attempting to treat, and whether or not you are already taking medication that could interact with CBD all playing a role.

The Science

A lot of scientific study has gone into trying to discover the optimal dosages of CBD oil. The best sources that we’ve read are the ‘meta’ studies, which weed through dozens or hundreds of clinical trials and report typical or average results. The Millar / Stone / et al paper found that micro dosing (under 10mg/day) is generally ineffective. And the Larsen / Shahinas paper studied the safety of larger dosing for specific medical conditions. Those are definitely worth a read if you’re interested in the technical aspects of CBD dosages.

What is typical dose when using CBD?

The official advise from the FSA is not to consume more than 70mg of CBD per day. For a total beginner, we suggest starting on a low amount – around 50mg – and then increasing that amount in a slow and controlled manner as needed. To keep things simple, here’s what’s in our bottles:

30ml Bottles

10ml Bottles

Most of the trials and studies looking into the relationship between dosage and effects on humans have shown that people can tolerate extremely high dosages of up to 1,500 mg per day safely– but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to jump into the deep end straightaway.

There is an experimental aspect of using CBD to start with. Some people can experience the benefits of CBD more effectively at lower dosages. Therefore, it would make more sense to start off on a lower amount of CBD and steadily increase the dose over the coming days until you start to feel the benefits.

How do I know how much CBD I’m taking?

If you start with CBD oil, it’ll usually come in a dropper bottle than you can apply in droplets under your mouth. With some products bought on the high street, the amount of CBD in each dose can vary from the details on the packaging, so it’s important to buy from a reputable retailer.

Our pipettes are designed for easy application, meaning you will always know exactly how much CBD is entering your system. For example, using our 10ml bottle strength guide below, you can see that taking 0.25 millilitres worth of oil would be equivalent to 12.5mg of CBD.

For CBD capsules or edibles, there should be an indication on the packaging of how much is in each pill or serving.

Can you take too much CBD?

While studies have shown people can take high doses of CBD up to 1500mg per day without side effects, it wouldn’t be advisable to start on those kinds of numbers.

As with any food or medication you put in your body, it doesn’t make sense to have more than you actually need to feel the positive impact of CBD – plus, it will save you money if you take your time to find your perfect dose, rather than taking the maximum amount each day if you don’t need to.

When side effects do happen, they tend to be minor in nature; fatigue, changes in appetite and weight for example.

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