CBD Oil – 750mg (2.5%) – 30ml Bottle

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We use just two ingredients cold-pressed hemp and extra virgin olive oil to make a beautiful rich smooth CBD oil.

No heavy-processing, no chemicals, just nature’s goodness.

Enjoy being your best self!

*Because of our chemical-free cold-press process, our range may have a natural variance of colour or viscosity.


In stock

Measure your dosage, using our graduated pipette. Place the oil underneath your tongue. Leave for 60 seconds, to help absorption.

1ml of oil = 25mg of CBD.

Start at a low dose. Repeat daily, for a week.

Then, listening to your body and how you feel, gradually increase the dose each week, until you find the level that works for you.

Cold-Pressed Hemp & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This product is a food supplement which should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Do not exceed more than 70mg of CBD a day. Store in a cool dry place and out of reach of children.