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CBD Oil for Parkinson’s disease

CBD for Parkinson's Disease

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CBD Oil for Parkinsons UK

Parkinson’s is a disease of the nervous system, generally affecting people from middle age onward. A progressive illness of the brain which reduces dopamine production, it often manifests itself in shaking hands, tremors, stiffness of the joints or a change in the way one walks. For some, the speed of progression can be quite fast, for others, deterioration is a relatively slow process.

Treatment for Parkinson’s consists of prescription drugs which mimic the job normally undertaken by dopamine and slows disease progression. CBD oil for Parkinson’s has, however, gained increased attention in recent years for its potential brain and nervous system benefits in supporting those with Parkinson’s.

Can CBD Oil for Parkinson’s Help?

The reducing amount of dopamine the brain produces can affect awareness, reduce limb movement, increase depression, and impact balance and coordination. Other side-effects of Parkinson’s include anxiety, sleeplessness, joint pain, and swelling.

It is in these areas where a CBD oil supplement can positively contribute towards an improved quality of life, by helping to ease symptoms of this progressive neurological disorder.

In fact, CBD oil for Parkinson’s is becoming so relevant that a nationwide UK survey is currently ongoing into the benefits of CBD oil for Parkinson’s sufferers.

Increasingly, research points to the fact that CBD oil seeks out the body’s nerve receptors, helping it reduce various symptoms associated with Parkinson’s (and other ailments) such as anxiety, pain, joint stiffness and tremors.

A survey carried out by Parkinson’s UK, delivered some interesting feedback. It found that those sufferers who have used, or are using CBD oil, say they are using it primarily to reduce anxiety. While the health professionals involved in the survey believe CBD has also helped to relieve joint stiffness, poor sleeping and poor concentration in their patients using CBD oil.

Adding to this, those who have or are using it, say they experienced no side effects, and, most importantly, the CBD had no adverse effect on their prescription medication.
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CBD Oil and Sleeplessness in Parkinson’s

Anxiety is a by-product for many suffering a chronic illness, and this is especially so for those whose illness has progressive effects. Unfortunately, a consequence of anxiety is often restless and sleepless nights.

Full spectrum CBD oil (the most effective) can legally contain up to 2% of THC without any hallucinatory effect. This, combined with the CBD’s effect on the body’s receptors, is believed to help reduce anxiety and, consequently, improve sleep and wellbeing.
CBD and Parkinson’s Pain Management
One of CBD oil’s strongest selling points for Parkinson’s is its ability to reduce muscle and joint pain and lessen joint swelling. Taken by mouth or as a topical balm, CBD oil has been shown to provide rapid relief for pain and muscle cramps, as well as motor symptoms, such as akinesia and freezing, and nonmotor symptoms, such as sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety, and restless leg syndrome.
The Good Level CBD Oil for Parkinson’s
The Good Level CBD oil is full spectrum, produced from highly regulated British cannabis farms, with CO2 extraction methods to maintain purity, resulting in a high-quality CBD.

Backed by the European Industrial Hemp Association, the Good Level CBD oil offers full traceability, ensuring consistently high health and safety standards, and it is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO and allergen friendly.

Available in gummies, drops or as topical balm, The Good Level CBD oil is believed to have a beneficial effect on the lives and wellbeing of sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, without any of the usual side-effects of other over-the-counter medicines.

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