Founding Story

Growing up I often helped my grandmother with her vegetable allotment to grow organic, clean, and nutrient-rich food.

Years later I was studying for my University finals and experienced insomnia, from stress. I tried CBD and was amazed when my sleep dramatically improved.

I recommended it to my grandmother, who was suffering from arthritis and my mother who had been experiencing hormonal imbalances. Incredibly, it helped them too!

Having met amazing people in the industry, I discovered it was possible to produce nutrient-rich CBD, just like Grandma did with her vegetables.

Using only two-ingredients, Hemp and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we cold-press the plant, meaning our entire CBD range is as natural as Grandma’s vegetable allotment. We call it the freshly squeezed orange juice of the CBD world, for those who love whole, natural foods.

And that’s our promise to you. CBD as clean as vegetables from Grandma’s allotment.


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