Chemical Free, Unprocessed & Natural CBD


Our Process

Our Process

We believe in providing the full benefits of the plant...

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Farming & Preparation

We have relationships with many farms and farmers across the UK, Ireland and Europe, enabling us to work with a wide variety of strains.

We pick the best hemp from each harvest and choose our final blend to create a range of beautiful natural hemp products.

The fields we use are pesticide free, organic practice and dedicated only to growing hemp.

We then harvest our hemp, sometimes by hand, and use a natural drying process before cold pressing.

Cold Pressing Our Hemp

Once the farming and preparation is complete, we take the hemp and start the magical process!

We press our hemp with extra virgin olive oil.

The plants cannabinoids and compounds gently transfer and we are left with our rich and natural CBD oil containing the plants phytocannabinoids, terpenes flavonoids, chlorophyll and omegas too.

UK CBD Oil tgl process
UK CBD Oil tgl process2


Each of our batches are tested for purity, potency and toxicity, by third-party accredited laboratories to ensure consistency, safety and efficacy.

As all of our oils are naturally cold pressed, there are slight variations in the potency between batches. The amount of milligrams on your bottle will always be the minimum amount you will receive. And all of our lab reports are there to verify the exact amounts.


Easy to Follow

Dosage Table

There is no one size fits all model which is why we provide simple, easy to understand CBD products that you can tailor to your own specific requirements. We avoid the usual cliches and focus on the quality of the product, something we really can guarantee every step of the way.