The Benefits of CBD Oil

benefits of cbd oil

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil and How It Can Improve Your Well-being

There are a lot of benefits of CBD oil and it’s important to separate the differences between CBD and marijuana use. The potential dangers and side effects of long-term marijuana use (that is the consumption of cannabis with elevated THC levels causing a ‘high’) and the growing acknowledgement of the numerous health benefits of CBD oils.

By including lower quantities of THC in each product, using CBD oil as a food supplement is a much safer way of unlocking the pain and stress-relieving qualities of the cannabis plant.

Because THC is psychoactive, as in it affects how the brain processes mood and pain, it is still an important component of CBD products. By maintaining the legal levels of the ingredient at under 0.2%, CBD oils remain both effective for the user and compliant with government regulations.

Here are just some of the ways studies have indicated CBD can positively improve your well-being:

Anxiety and stress relief

Research has indicated that CBD could help relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

How we as humans regulate fear and panic is heavily linked to a chemical in our brains known as serotonin. When using CBD oils, the chemical messages in your brain telling you how to react to certain situations or thoughts that could raise your anxiety levels seems to alter.

Think of a scenario that makes you feel anxious, even just thinking about it. It could be giving a presentation at work or being in crowds of people without a clear escape route. It’s believed that the right dose of CBD can help with:

• Cases of insomnia
• Physical effects of anxiety such as tremors and increased heart rate
• Heightened stress
• Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Reduction of seizures

There are many encouraging studies into the use of CBD oil for people with epilepsy suffering from regular seizures.

It is thought that the number of times a child or young adult has a seizure decreases with prolonged use of CBD oil, even if they have a form of the condition that is resistant to many other treatments.

Doses as small as 2 to 5mg per day have been reported to have a positive effect when taken alongside existing anti-epilepsy medications.

Pain relief

The promotion of CBD oil as medicinal relief for pain has long been championed.

Alongside easing the symptoms of arthritis, muscle pain and spinal injury thanks to natural anti-inflammatory properties, there is also evidence to suggest that the side effects of chemotherapy treatment such as nausea can also be alleviated with CBD in your system.

Sportsmen and women have found CBD as gel oil particularly useful for managing sports injuries such as ankle sprains and ligament stresses. While THC can also reduce pain from sports activity, it can cause unwanted side effects or decreased performance – something that CBD oil doesn’t do.

Improvement in skin conditions

Particularly beneficial for managing the symptoms and appearance of acne, using CBD creams as part of your skincare routine makes use of the calming properties of the oil.

Too much activity in certain glands in your skin can cause too much natural hydration, with CBD oil thought to prevent the glands from secreting enough to make acne breakouts appear.

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