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Sustainably sourced, manufactured in Britain and independently tested. 100% legal full spectrum CBD.

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Olive Oil Not MCT

We use Olive Oil, not MCT, which means our oils won't deteriorate without refrigeration.


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The History of CBD

CBD continues to make waves in 2021, and the industry forecast shows that there’s no sign of it slowing..
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Does CBD help your skin?

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Balancing (and Imbalancing) Your Endocannabinoid System

Finding the Perfect Balance for Your Body Balance: Many of us don’t understand the importance of the word. Maintaining..
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CBD for Pelvic Pain, Sciatica & More

How Cannabidiol May Help with Chronic Pain Conditions Do you suffer from severe pain caused by sciatica, pudendal neuropathy,..
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What is Sustainable Nutrition?

Understanding That What You Eat Impacts Both You and The Environment Previous generations spent little time considering that their..

How CBD is Reported to Help You Focus

Consider This Many people find it challenging to remain productive throughout the entire workday, or find themselves distracted when..
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Fake CBD Oil: How to know if CBD oil is genuine

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has fast become one of the most talked-about supplements within the global wellness community. There are..
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CBD & Inflammation: More than just a gut feeling

CBD is the word on everyone’s lips, and it has become a household name in the health and wellness..
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Shanaze Reade

Brand Ambassador

Shanaze started her professional career as a BMX Racer & Track Cyclist at the age of just 10. She went on to become three time UCI BMX World Champion & two time Team Sprint World Champion. On and off the track Shanaze has gained a reputation for her power and strength both physically and mentally.

Having now retired from professional cycling, she has spent her time focused on coaching Team GB’s BMX’er Bethany Shriever who has just won Gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

Away from the track Shanaze is a popular corporate speaker, ambassador for brands including the Breeze Network, HSBC and is the Cycling and Walking ambassador for the West Midlands, as well as a commentator on BMX coverage.

Some amazing things to come for this incredible person.

Good for the Planet

Our Process

We believe in quality, and so should you.

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We aren’t prepared to compromise on delivering a quality product. Cultivating, preparing, and extracting the best cannabinoids takes time and expertise to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. All of our processes adhere to The Good Level’s highest ethical guidelines.

Our Process


Easy to Follow

Dosage Table

There is no one size fits all model which is why we provide simple, easy to understand CBD products that you can tailor to your own specific requirements. We avoid the usual cliches and focus on the quality of the product, something we really can guarantee every step of the way.

Case Studies


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Having seen more and more press about the positive impacts of CBD, I became more and more curious at to how it might help my anxiety. Being analytical in nature I started to read up on the effects and benefits of CBD and found the Good Level website to be a great source of information…

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I tried CBD to see if it would help with my stress, and I didn’t really expect it to do much, but I’ve found that it helps with loads of different things. I have always had mild insomnia and it has definitely improved my quality of sleep and takes the edge off when my insomnia is worse…

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After having tried all sorts to help me through the menopause and not really wanting to embark on HRT I decided to investigate how CBD oil might help as I’d heard that it could alleviate some of the numerous symptoms associated with the menopause including anxiety, insomnia and joint pains…

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I came across the Good Level after reading about the effects of CBD oil on a menopause support facebook group. With lots of women fearful of HRT, many were opting to try CBD oil and reporting that it helped with menopause symptoms…