The Benefits of CBD Tea

benefits of cbd tea

What is CBD tea?

CBD tea is like normal tea, just with hemp (that contains CBD) mixed in! Many use CBD tea in their everyday wellness routine. Just like normal tea, the great thing about CBD tea is that it can come in different types, just like our Chamomile Tea!

Benefits of CBD tea

Britain is famous for being a nation of tea drinkers. Adding CBD to your daily wellness routine can be as simple as switching one of your daily cups of tea with a CBD tea – you don’t need to change your routine or habits. Simply swap your normal “cuppa” with a CBD tea. How easy is that!

One reason you might be looking at adding CBD tea to your daily routine is that you don’t like the taste of the oil. More flavours of CBD tea are becoming available which means you can choose the right one for you.

For newbies, CBD tea can be a great way to subtly introduce CBD into your endocannabinoid system and wellness routine.

One great thing about Good Level’s CBD Tea is it is made with chamomile. Chamomile has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and helps with sleep and relaxation.

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What is CBD tea good for?

Here at the Good Level, we offer CBD chamomile tea. Chamomile has long been used to help with better sleep and other health benefits. CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a role in the body’s homeostasis with some studies saying the ECS plays a role in how we sleep. Pairing these two natural products it can be a perfect way to wind down your day and prepare you for bed!

Our CBD tea is also vegetarian, vegan, allergen-free and organic making it suitable for anyone with dietary requirements. Even if you don’t have dietary requirements but you want a natural product that is close to nature then CBD tea could be your answer.

You can check out our chamomile CBD tea here.

How does CBD tea actually work?

Just tea alone can be a great way to relax and calm the mind after a long day or maybe you just want some ‘me time’. A hot beverage can help not only calm the mind but the body as well.

Teas, especially herbal teas, have been used for decades as a home remedy for colds, un-settled stomachs and better sleep. Green tea, for example, contain antioxidants which are beneficial for our overall health.

There hasn’t been enough research for concrete evidence as to how effective CBD tea is but those who have taken it have indicated better sleep. In 2019, the effects of CBD on 72 adults with anxiety and sleep problems were recorded. After a month of usage, 79.2% reported reduced anxiety symptoms and 66.7% reported better sleep quality.

We recommend our customers drink our CBD tea as part of their daily wellness routine. This will ensure consistency and maximize the CBD interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system. A typical cup of our tea contains around 7-10mg of CBD.

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How will CBD tea make you feel?

Full-spectrum CBD tea contains terpenes, flavonoids and a range of cannabinoids, including CBD. Our CBD Tea is not going to make you feel sleepy, or drowsy and it definitely won’t make you feel “high”.

CBD tea is a tasty way to ingest CBD to help balance your endocannabinoid system. Just like with other CBD products, the time it takes to feel the effects of CBD tea will differ from person to person. When CBD is ingested, it is absorbed through the digestive tract which is different when you take oil and place it under your tongue.

The dosage of CBD within the tea can differ depending on the brand. It is important to check the labels to be sure how much CBD is in your tea.

Overall, CBD tea doesn’t differ hugely from any other CBD product. If you are a tea lover or you just don’t like taking oils or sweets then tea can be an amazing way for you to ingest CBD in a tasty, relaxing and comfortable way!

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